Buying a Home Based on School Boundaries

As the busy spring market continues, many buyers continue to search for the perfect property and have many factors to consider. If you are a buyer with children, school districts may be on your mind. When it comes to choosing a school for your child, it is very important to find the right school with the right program but choosing a home based on a school does not provide any guarantees. Here is what you need to know!

School Boards

There are four school boards that service the Ottawa area; all of these boards are well represented in the Barrhaven area and have schools in most neighbourhoods. The boards are basically divided by language (English or French) or religion (Public or Catholic). Each of the boards offer different programs so when it comes time to choose a school for your child, you will want to consider all the options. Programs pertaining to french instruction, special needs students, and gifted students can vary dramatically so if any of these pertain to your little learner, it is important to do your homework. Here are the 4 school boards and links to their individual websites.

School Boundaries

Once you have selected the school board or program that is of interest to you, it is important to look up your address (or prospective address) to see what school your child would attend. Cross-Boundary enrolment can sometimes be obtained by applying but it is not recommended for a variety of reasons including the fact that you will be responsible for transportation and that it’s always best if a child lives in the same neighbourhood as their peers.

This is where things get tricky though, if there is a certain school that you would like your child to attend, would it be worthwhile to buy within its boundaries? The answer can be complicated. In growing neighbourhoods, such as Barrhaven, new schools are being built somewhat regularly to accommodate the surging student populations and new neighbourhoods. When a new school opens, many of the surrounding boundaries are adjusted and this means that there are no guarantees that your home school will remain the same in years to come. If you are really set on a particular school, your best option would be to buy within a very short walking distance of the school but again, there are no guarantees.

Making a Decision

While some programs may vary from school to school, you can rest easy knowing that all schools in Ontario follow the same curriculum and standards. If you ask on any local social media forum, you are likely to find that most parents love the school their child is attending and all the schools are pretty awesome. There are great staff and administrators at all the Barrhaven schools and your child will be in good hands no matter where they end up!