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This Important Element Often gets Overlooked when Buying a Home

Ottawa Citizen, Stephen Moranis, Postmedia News 08.15.2016 It’s the most common hazard that home buyers overlook: disagreements between homeowners that can turn entire neighbourhoods into war zones. These can happen anywhere, of course; but they’re especially common in tonier, wealthier communities, where people are more inclined to lawyer up, and where small contrarian disputes can escalate quickly.   These conflicts end up becoming embarrassing, upsetting and expensive, occasionally leading some residents to consider selling and moving on. So much for that friendly block party.   It’s a shame. The neighbourhood you once thought was charming and peaceful becomes the one
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The holiday credit card bill just came in and….whoa! How did it get that high? You look it over again and again, and realise it may be a good idea to try and cut costs and save money elsewhere. (at least for a bit) With that said, here are some tips to save a few dollars here and there. Hey, every little bit counts!
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