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Fall Maintenance Tips

  Fall. Arguably one of the most beautiful times of the year! The weather has cooled and the leaves have begun to change, reminding us that winter isn’t all that far away. Before the snow flies, our homes need a little TLC in order to ensure our warmth and safety over the months – yes, months – of winter. We’ve prepared a few tips on where to begin and what to include in your home maintenance checklist for the fall: Inspect and clean out your eaves trough. In order to ensure a smooth and safe flow of water away from your home’s exterior and foundation
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The holiday credit card bill just came in and….whoa! How did it get that high? You look it over again and again, and realise it may be a good idea to try and cut costs and save money elsewhere. (at least for a bit) With that said, here are some tips to save a few dollars here and there. Hey, every little bit counts!
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