Here is what you need to know about the Community Associations in Ottawa.  Finding a community you feel connected to can be a huge factor in buying a new home.  Some people prefer to stay within the community they know best, in contrast, others venture out to discover new areas and build new connections. But discovering the ins and outs of your new neighbourhood and community at large can be difficult without the proper resources to guide you. This is where Community Associations come in.

Community Associations

Community Associations in Ottawa  can be found all over Ottawa, in over 40 different regions, with very active members contributing to their respective associations. With a general mission to improve neighbourhood life and to stay connected and aware of events and current issues within a specific region of the city, they are a staple in the communities they represent. Community Associations are run by dedicated volunteers who share a common mandate to provide programs, services and communications to neighbours and residents with the goal of improving their quality of life.

The Goal of Community Associations

The common goal of Community Associations is community involvement and communication is the key to success in such organizations. The volunteer residents organize charitable events, socials, and fundraisers because the common goal is to benefit their neighbourhoods while bringing people together. Often members will discuss community issues or improvements and work together to find solutions.  There are similar goals to finding a home that has a homeowner association which is another great resource when looking to see if a community is a good fit.

What Does My Community Association Do?

Community Associations come in all different shapes and sizes. They can cover large or small regions, some are registered societies, and some even have facilities and paid staff. The size and involvement within the association and community itself will directly relate to what services and activities are provided. Generally, Community Associations are responsible for the following tasks:

  • Social and Recreational programs for residents
  • Sports programs for children
  • Encouraging community spirit through special events or activities
  • Advocating for the community as a unified voice in regard to neighbour improvement initiatives
  • Updating the community on pending issues, initiatives, events, and news via social media or newsletter
  • Offering input in regard to planning and development of the community

Here is a list of the many Community Associations in Ottawa. If you have an interest in checking out your local Community Association, like and follow them on social media and get involved with your community today!

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